Minggu, 11 November 2012

Holiday at Bali

On holidays my family and I went to the island Bali. Using the plane, when arrived in Bali I and the family stayed at the Vira hotel for a rest.

The next morning I visited Sanur beach to see the sunrise by walking distance. And in the afternoon we were to Kuta beach to see the sunset but this time not by walking distance but using so much faster a means of transportation. using a means of transportation  so much faster.

After that we went back to the hotel to rest. The next day went to the market to buy some souvenirs.

Then to Joger Bali to buy cheaper t-shirts.

 Because it is too tired of shopping, we went back to the hotel. Journey is not over yet we continue the journey to the Tanjung Benoa there I played Parasailing, banana boat, jet sky, flying fish, rolling donut.

            Not far from there is the turtle island. To get there we need to up the boat or gatek.When arrived there I saw so much tortoise which there. And I also hold the tortoise. But apparently not as imagined so heavy his tortoise. After handling turtles I walked around the the area turns out there is also some birds, snakes, and other reptiles similar. And not half-hearted I was willing to hold it.

And after that we went to a Tanah Lot. There is also of course there are the Sacred Serpent purified. Being in a cave sector in the inner corner of the beach at Tanah Lot. Arguably the snake itself is not too big. Placed in a small enclosed area within the cave, like put it in there so that the snake can not go everywhere. And to see the snake, we are required to pay, but only his best alone.

This is a photo of the snake keeper Tanah Lot.

Since it was want going to school it would not be all places visited. But next time I will visit again. A few stories from my more or less sorry.


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